Bankim Sardar College

Transmitting Smiles in the Sunderbans since 1955
College with Potential for Excellence since 2016
Core Value - विद्या विमुक्तये Vidyā Vimuktaye
Vision - Enlightenment Empowerment Enrichment


SL No. Title Video Link
1 Economics_Nilendu Chatterjee_Credit Control Policy by Central Bank (Part 2)_2nd Sem_Gen
2 Economics_Nilendu Chatterjee_Credit Control Policy by Central Bank (Part 1)_2nd Sem_Gen
3 Economics_Nilendu Chatterjee_Functions of Commercial Banks_2nd Sem_Gen
4 Economics_Nilendu Chatterjee_Inflation Controlling Policies_2nd Sem_Gen
5 Economics_Nilendu Chatterjee_Theories of International Trade_2nd Sem_Gen
6 Economics_Nilendu Chatterjee_Protectionism (Part 1)_2nd Sem_Gen
7 Economics_Nilendu Chatterjee_Protectionism (Part 2)_2nd Sem_Gen
8 Economics_Nilendu Chatterjee_Arguments For & Against Free Trade_2nd Sem_Gen
9 Economics_Puja Ghosh_Monopolistic Competition_4th Sem(Com) & 1st Sem(Eco)_Gen
10 Chemistry_Sudipta Chakraborty_Alkane (part 1)_2nd Sem_Gen
11 Chemistry_Sudipta Chakraborty_Alkane (part 2)_2nd Sem_Gen
12 Chemistry_Sudipta Chakraborty_Alkane (part 3)_2nd Sem_Gen
13 Chemistry_Sudipta Chakraborty_Amino Acid (part 1)_4th Sem_Gen
14 Chemistry_Sudipta Chakraborty_Amino Acid (part 2)_4th Sem_Gen
15 History_Ayan Sarkar _Evolution of Mansabdari system_4th Sem_Hons
16 History_Ayan Sarkar _Gupta Administrative System_2nd Sem_Hons
17 Zoology_Chandrika Sa_Complement Activation Pathway (Part 1)_4th Sem_Hons
18 Zoology_Chandrika Sa_Complement Activation Pathway (Part 2)_4th Sem_Hons
19 Chemistry_Suchandra Biswas_Schrodinger equation_4th Sem_Gen
20 Chemistry_Suchandra Biswas_Quantum chemistry and spectroscopy_4th Sem_Gen
21 Chemistry_Suchandra Biswas_Wave particle duality_4th Sem_Gen
22 Chemistry_Suchandra Biswas_Quantum operators_4th Sem_Gen
23 Chemistry_Suchandra Biswas_Quantum algebra_4th Sem_Gen
24 Philosophy_Arumita Dey_Deho moner samshya prosange avinatabad_2nd Sem_Gen
25 Philosophy_Arumita Dey_Deho moner samshya prosange kria protikriabad_2nd Sem_Gen
26 Philosophy_Arumita Dey_Deho moner samshya prosange samantaralbad_2nd Sem_Gen
27 Philosophy_Arumita Dey_lock ar mukho o gounoguner parthoko abn tar khandan_2nd Sem_Gen
28 Philosophy_Arumita Dey_Govir o agobhir bastusangstan_4th Sem_Gen
29 Chemistry_Suchandra Biswas_Introducing Physical Chemistry Laboratory_1st Sem_Hons
30 Chemistry_Suchandra Biswas_Acid base titration_1st Sem_Hons
31 Chemistry_Suchandra Biswas_Determination of solubility of sparingly soluble salt_1st Sem_Hons
32 Chemistry_Suchandra Biswas_Study of kinetics of decomposition of H2O2_1st Sem_Hons
33 Chemistry_Suchandra Biswas_Study of kinetics of acid-catalyzed hydrolysis of methyl acetate_1st Sem_Hons
34 Chemistry_Suchandra_Biswas_Conductometric titration_3rd Sem_Hons
35 Chemistry_Suchandra_Biswas_Saponification_3rd Sem_Hons
36 Chemistry_Suchandra_Biswas_Ostwald dilution_3rd Sem_Hons
37 Chemistry_Suchandra_Biswas_Potentiometry-Mohr_3rd Sem_Hons
38 Chemistry_Suchandra_Biswas_Potentiometry- AgNO3_3rd Sem_Hons
39 Chemistry_Suchandra_Biswas_Phenol water phase diagram_4th Sem_Hons
40 Chemistry_Suchandra_Biswas_Polarimetry_4th Sem_Hons
41 Chemistry_Suchandra_Biswas_Partition coefficient_4th Sem_Hons
42 Chemistry_Suchandra_Biswas_Determination of pH by colour matching_4th Sem_Hons
43 Chemistry_Suchandra_Biswas_pH metric titration of monobasic acid_4th Sem_Hons
44 Chemistry_Suchandra_Biswas_pH metric titration of dibasic acid_4th Sem_Hons
45 Chemistry_Suchandra_Biswas_pH metric titration of tribasic acid_4th Sem_Hons