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Preparation to Enter to Service (competitive examination)

Entry to Services

Entry to Services (ETS)

Since 2014-15 the college is offering support for preparation for competitive examinations to its students under the UGC sponsored Career Oriented Courses (COC) scheme – Entry to Services

The curriculum is designed with 20 activities and 10 workshops

Course duration – 80 Hours                                

Curriculum for Entry to Services

Activity 01.                          Spell Check - (2 Hours.)

Activity 02.                          Sentence correction - (3 Hours.)

Activity 03.                          Grammar Check- (3 Hours.)

Activity 04.                          Correction of Parallelism and Modifiers related errors- (3 Hours.)

Activity 05.                          Rearrangement of Jumbled Paragraphs- (3 Hours.)

Activity 06.                          Reading Comprehension - (2 Hours.)

Activity 07.                          Analogy- (3 Hours.)

Activity 08.                          Logical Reasoning- (3 Hours.)

Activity 09.                          Odd man out- (3 Hours.)

Activity 10.                          Completing the Series- (3 Hours.)

Activity 11.                          Mapping Analogy- (3 Hours.)

Activity 12.                          Relationship Problems - (2 Hours.)

Activity 13.                          Coding and decoding- (3 Hours.)

Activity 14.                          Alphabet Cycle- (3 Hours.)

Activity 15.                          Number Patterns- (3 Hours.)

Activity 16.                          Do I know about today’s workplace - (2 Hours.)

Activity 17.                          Portals – The Gateway to Career Options- (3 Hours.)

Activity 18.                          Resume – Presenting yourself in paper - (2 Hours.) 

Activity 19.                          Interview - Presenting you in person- (3 Hours.)

Activity 20.                          Group Discussion - Presenting you in group- (3 Hours.)


Simulation 01.               How to strengthen the feeling of “I can do it” - (2 Hours.)

Simulation 02.               How to develop the practice of thinking - (2 Hours.)

Simulation 03.               How to develop the practice of lateral thinking (3 hours)

Simulation 04.               How to deliver thoughts - (3 Hours.)

Simulation 05.               How to be a self driven leader- (3 Hours.)

Simulation 06.               How to learn in self directed mode- (3 Hours.)

Simulation 07.               How to learn in a group - (2 Hours.)

Simulation 08.               How to learn in the 21st century - (2 Hours.)

Simulation 09.               How to develop interpersonal skills - (3 Hours.)

Simulation 10.               Cost Min Model - (2 Hours)

Examination and Certificates

Students were provided with activity based pattern exercises, practice sessions and assignment.

Students having regular attendance and submission of assignments and satisfactory performances  in assessments  are awarded certificates. 

Apart from the UGC COC Entry to Service Portal the College also subscribes to an online competitive examination training portal

Objectives :  To prepare students for their progression in job market and higher education in an effective and convenient manner.

Context:  Final year students often lack awareness regarding ways to prepare themselves for Competitive examinations.

Practice:  An online portal linked to college website that can be accessed by students to prepare themselves for competitive examinations.  The mobile friendly portal provides model questions on logical reasoning, general knowledge, mathematics and English, along with answers and explanations.

Success: Approximately about 48000 questions can be solved without purchasing any personal book and taking admission for specialized coaching.  Since mobile friendly, the preparation can be taken anywhere and anytime. Students appearing for campus recruitment drive by different companies in the college have greatly benefitted in the preliminary rounds of written tests.