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COVID 19 - - A Challenge to Overcome

OVID 19 - Classes are on ....even during locked down

The present apprehension of Pandemic due to the COVID 19 virus has brought before us an unpreceedented reality 

Let us face the reality as a challenge that we need to overcome. 

In Bankim Sardar College we are are all locked but not down. 

Very soon after the locked down the teachers resolved that classes will not stop and under this difficult situation the teachers will express their earnestness and sincierity in meeting the students in the online mode. 

  1. Most teachers are taking classes in the online mode 
  2. Most teachers are taking assessment in the online mode
  3. Some teachers are also preparing study materials, videos and audio files and uploading in the college Learning Management System so that students can get access to those the study materials. 

Not all students - but 58 percent students - are attending the online classes and online assessment - perhaps due to the digital divide which is a reality.

During the period March 28, 2020 to April 27, 2020, altogether 324 classes have taken places attended by 5955 students and 30 teachers. 

During this period ending on 13th April, 2020, to 27th April, 2020, 32 online assessment has been taken in which 894 students have appeared out of 1435 students.  

These numbers refelects that the college is closed but on. 

COVID 19 - Students spreading awareness against spread of Corona 

During this period Principal and the teachers encouraged the students to play a greater role in the society and bring awareness about use of masks and hand sanitizers.

The students have started preparing masks at home. 

They are encouraging people to wear masks. 

They are also distributing food articles to the poor people during this hour of crisis. 

The expression of concern for the society is reflected. 

Students of Bankim Sardar College has responded to the call of the Principal and the Teachers and have truly reflected their Beautiful Minds.