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Notice for Online Assessment

Bankim Sardar College
Notification for Teachers  
Dated 12.04.2020
Dear Teachers
You are aware perhaps that the period of Locked Down has been extended to April 30, 2020 . Stay Home Stay Safe 
You are also aware that all educational institutes will remain closed till June 10, 2020 as declared by the Hon'ble CM. 

We all understand that such situation of closure is unprecedented. And because of such closure the teaching-learning evaluation of the students for the 2nd Semester and the 4th Semester is facing serious crisis and challenge. 
It is notified that Teachers need to take up this challenge and find out solutions to serve the cause of the students by working from home in innovative ways. 

Upon consideration of views recieved from majority of the Teachers and the HoDs during the two and half hour zoom meeting on 11.04. 2020 at 6 pm we have reached to the following resolutions : - 

Resolution 1 -  Teachers at their individual level would open Whatsapp group (if not existing already) with their students and Principal be included in such group. 
Resolution 2 -  Teachers would meet the students through the Whats app group at least once in each single day and keep them motivated and encouraged and remain appraised about their studies  
Resolution 3 -  Each individual Teacher would encourage his /her student to attend online classess through pre-scheduled Zoom Meeting with the objective of 
  1. Complete the syllabus for 2nd Semester within 15th May 
  2. Complete the syllabus for 4th Semester within 31st May 

Resolution 4 -  Each individual Teacher would also prepare question bank and take MCQ type regular assessment through google form through a centraised platform maintained by the Principal (modalities will be declared within the next three days and guidance will be provided to the teachers). Within 31st May at least 10 assessment of 20 questions each be taken.  

Resolution 5 -  Each individual Teacher would also prepare study materials (xerox materials from books and note book or own note materials not allowed) and send them to the for uploading in the Learning Management System 

Resolution 6 -  Each individual Teacher would remain in touch with the Principal over 8910694771 

Cooperation is solicited from all teachers. 

Dr Tilak Chatterjee