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Resumption of online classes June 2020

Bankim Sardar College

Notice dated June  01.06.2020

To All Teachers and Students 

Further to the notice dated May 19, 2020 it is re-notified that classes will remain suspended as life of many of the students are still under stress due to the devastations of the Aamphan Cyclone.

Online classes and /or review classes may begin only after 7th June, 2020 if the students are in a position to attend classes. 

Teachers who need to complete syllabus (for the 2nd and the 4th Semester) may remain in touch with their students and re-start their classes when situation so permits for the students. 

Teachers who could not take online assessment during the last week of May for Aamphan cyclone may take online assessment after 7th June, 2020 subject to the improvement of the situations of the students in the cyclone affected area. 

Dr Tilak Chatterjee