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Self Appraisal Report of Teachers

Bankim Sardar College - Notification for Teachers 

Dated May 15, 2020

It is to state that Teachers have performed creditably during the lock down period by way of working from home.  

1. Almost all teachers are taking online classes and syllabus would be completed shortly. 

2.  Till 15.05.2020 altogether 67 assessments are taken.  Teachers who have taken such assessments are requested to maintain the marksheets of all online assessment.

3. During the period 15.05.2020 to 27.05.2020 teachers can take further google form online assessment . Please submit your requisition here in this group today  

4. After 31.05.2020 there will be no further online assessment till the college reopens.  

5. Home assignments  given till date through will be put to record and will be obtained from students after college reopens. 

6. Finally all teachers are requested to complete their courses except practical within 31.05.2020. 

7. From 01.06.2020 to 09.06.2020 work from home by preparing study materials for 3rd and 5th Semester. 

A format for Self Appraisal Report is to be filled up by each teacher and is required to be submitted to on or before 31.05.2020. Teachers are requested to collect the SAR format from the Principal immediately.