Bankim Sardar College

Transmitting Smiles in the Sunderbans since 1955
College with Potential for Excellence since 2016
Core Value - विद्या विमुक्तये Vidyā Vimuktaye
Vision - Enlightenment Empowerment Enrichment


Study Materials for Learnimg Management System (2nd SEM / 4th SEM)

Bankim Sardar College 

South 24 Parganas 

Notification for Teachers  

Dated 31.03.2020

Stay at Home Stay Safe 

In the last three days most teachers have worked wonderfully and have completed the following

1) Academic Plan and Calender for the last 4 semesters 

2) CO PSO PO for both Hons and Gen  

3) Mentor Mentee Report for 2018-19

Teachers are now asked to follow the present instruction 

Since the college is closed and will remain closed for at least another 15 days please prepare study materials for 2nd Sem and 4th Sem and send them to