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Training for improving the effectivenes of online classes

Bankim Sardar College

Notice dated 03.06.2020

This notice is for only those teachers who have expressed their willingness to learn about how to improve distance teaching and work from home more effectively so as to render better teaching learning for the students during their 3rd and the 5th semester as and when it can commence. 

As discussed during the meeting with teachers on May 28 2020 and  June 3, 2020 it is decided that 

Teachers will prepare 

1) Date wise class shedule seperately for 3rd and 5th Semester for the period commencing from July 1, 2020 to Aug 15, 2020 

2) e-contents for circulating among students before classes being taken 

3) contents for Google classroom 

4) videos for offline classes 

5) use of softwares and other teaching tools for improvement of distance teaching. 

A seperate whatsapp group will be made for training and retraining of willing teachers 

Teachers will be provided training by the Principal as and when required 

Teachers who are not willing to learn new things for improvement are not required to join the training.  

However they may join the training programme as and when they feel to improve upon.  

Dr Tilak Chatterjee